Call for members of the AMR Action Fund’s Scientific Advisory Board


The AMR Action Fund (the “Fund”) is soliciting applications from experts to serve on its Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). The SAB has the responsibility of providing rigorous, independent technical assessments of potential investments and thus plays a fundamental role in the Fund’s mission to bring 2-4 novel antibiotics to patients by 2030.

Role of the Scientific Advisory Board

The SAB has the decision mandate to review all investments under consideration by the Fund in accordance with the Fund’s Scientific Charter. If the SAB determines that a potential target does not meet the Scientific Charter, the Fund cannot under any circumstances move forward with the investment. The Scientific Charter is approved by the Fund’s Board of Directors and outlines at a high-level the pathogens, technology, novelty/clinical differentiation criteria, and pipeline stage for the Fund’s investments. The Chair of the SAB is a voting member of the Fund’s Investment Committee. Further, the SAB will serve as an advisory Board to the Fund Management, Investment Committee and Board of Directors across the following areas:

Investment strategy

  • Advise on the Fund’s Investment Strategy and potential amendments to the Scientific Charter, in light of scientific, public health, and/or market developments.
  • Advise on the Fund’s portfolio strategy, in light of scientific, public health, and/or market developments.

Deal sourcing and screening

  • Perform an annual review of the pre-clinical and clinical pipeline for potential investment opportunities.
  • Propose potential investment targets for consideration by the Fund management based on the pre-clinical and clinical development landscape.

Scientific review and due diligence

  • Confirm potential initial investment targets are in accordance with the Scientific Charter.
  • Provide a scientific assessment of feasibility, scientific soundness, public health relevance, and other scientific matters of a potential investment opportunity.
  • Review the scientific elements of due diligence assessments.

Follow-on investments and engaged ownership

  • Advise on matters related to asset and portfolio performance based on evolving scientific, public health, and/or market developments. The Fund Management may also consult individual SAB members with specialized expertise on specific matters related to the performance of individual portfolio companies if the respective SAB member is among the top experts on the topic.
  • Advise on scientific matters related to a follow-on investment.

SAB members serve in their personal and technical capacities and do not represent their employer, government, organizations, initiatives, specific scientific disciplines or sub-domains, or any other entity. SAB members should all be institutionally independent of the Fund Management, Board of Directors, and Limited Partners.

Areas of expertise required:

Collectively, SAB members shall have expertise in six main areas:

  1. Research and discovery: Mechanism of action of molecules, including novelty, as well as technical aspects, including toxicology, efficacy data and PK/PD and breakpoints.
  2. Preclinical and clinical development: Conducting pre-clinical research and clinical trials, including lead indication, development plan, study design, patient recruiting, animal models, clinical microbiology, and PK/PD and breakpoints.
  3. Chemistry, manufacturing and control (CMC): Formulation and CMC process for drug including the ability to produce at scale and outsourcing.
  4. Regulatory: Aspects related to regulatory approval, e.g., accepted endpoints, cohorts, and experience with FDA, EMA and PMDA.
  5. Public health: Global public health needs, public health implications as well as delivery challenges, access and antimicrobial stewardship.
  6. Clinical treatment: Clinical benefits over existing treatment and current treatment gaps, including practical and appropriate use of antibiotics treatment of patients.

Selection criteria

In assessing applications, the following criteria will be used:

  • Track record within areas of expertise, including background within drug development, public health and clinical treatment
  • Potential conflict of interest
  • Considerations of diversity in the SAB membership – i.e., gender, nationality, geographic location, professional background and technical expertise.

Time commitment and compensation

SAB meetings will be conducted on a needs basis and are expected to occur 2-6 times per year with preparation required ahead of this. SAB meetings may either be in person or through video- or teleconferences as seen appropriate. The working language will be English. SAB members will receive a competitive honorarium, in addition to travel expenses and per diems. The honorarium will cover up to 200 hours of work. Should the workload exceed 200 hours, members will be compensated with a daily fee based on fair market value assessment.

The Chair will have an expected higher time commitment given additional responsibilities, including serving as a voting member of the investment committee. Such extra time commitment will be reflected in the compensation.

Members, including the Chair, will be appointed for an initial one-year period. Appointments are renewable with no term limits.

Conflicts of interest

SAB members will be required to declare any potential conflict of interest relevant to the work of the AMR Action Fund. These will be fully explored by the Fund. Members with specific declared interests will be asked to recuse themselves from participating in the discussion and/or decision-making of the issues relating to that interest. Top candidates will be asked to submit a full Declaration of Interest for assessment.

Selection process and period

A working group consisting of the interim fund team and scientific experts from the Limited Partners will conduct an informal first screening of applications and may contact nominees for clarifying questions. The final nomination to the Fund’s Board of Directors for appointment will be made by the Fund’s Management team in the first part of 2021.

How to apply

To submit an application, please complete the brief questionnaire here, upload a letter of interest that includes a short bio, areas of expertise, and potential contribution to the SAB (maximum 1 page), and upload your curriculum vitae. The letter and CV should be written in English.

For further clarifications or any related issues please contact [email protected]


Deadline for application is December 13.


The AMR Action Fund shall not in any way be obliged to reveal, or discuss with any applicant, how an application was assessed, or to provide any other information relating to the evaluation/selection process or to state the reasons for elimination to any applicant.

Privacy policy

For a description of how the AMR Action Fund will use or otherwise process any personal data you provide in or with your application, please visit the AMR Action Fund’s privacy policy here. By submitting an application to the AMR Action Fund, you agree that the AMR Action Fund may process your personal data in accordance with such policy.

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